Instructor Cross-Over


The NAUI Instructor Crossover Course (ICC) is designed to train and qualify applicants in good standing with non-NAUI recreational scuba training organizations as a NAUI Instructor member.  During the course candidate instructors learn effective methods to teach skin and scuba diving in compliance with NAUI Diving Course Standards.  The ICC is done over two phases.  Phase One is called an Instructor Crossover Program (ICP) and contains all preparatory training except for the final evaluations.  During an ICP candidate performances will be evaluated by at least two qualified evaluators.  The second or final phase of an ICC is called the Instructor Qualification Program (IQP), during which a Course Director will be in residence and will make all final evaluations regarding candidate’s performance.


It’s about life transformations – both yours and those around you. The fun part of the NAUI Instructor Crossover training course is interacting with other course participants while creating friendships that continue long after the crossover course is over.   Another fun part of the Cross-over is learning new methods for teaching scuba to students.  You’ll will also begin networking with other professionals and start to explore NAUI Pro Diving Jobs worldwide. You’ll  have the opportunity to continue your professional education by participating in other courses like the Performance Freediving Instructors (PFI) program or NAUI techical diving courses.


The challenging part of this course is your personal commitment to the training. The course requires you to complete the NAUI Familiarization-Instruction-Traiing (FIT) course, all of the academic e-Learning before the ICP begins, and to prepare classroom presentations and daily assignments for each lesson. Organization and dedication are the keys to successfully completing this program.


To be considered for the NAUI Instructor Cross-Over course, candidates must Submit the following:

• Instructor Cross-over application form

• Medical Statement and Questionaire

• Equipment Rental Agreement form

• Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver

• Full payment for the course upfront

Medical Approval. Verification of good physical condition as documented by a medical examination and unconditional approval for diving by a licensed physician within the preceding 12 months. In no event will medical approval be accepted wherein the physician signing the certificate is the student


• Be at least 18 years old by the water phase of this course

• Complete the NAUI FIT Program prior to enrollment in the ICC

• Be certified as a First Aid/ CPR/AED and Emergency  Oxygen Provider within the past 2 years
• Be a scuba instructor  in good standing for the year immediately preceding the Instructor Trainer Workshop
• Possess one-year experience as an instructor and have taught or assisted with at least two programs in diving instruction
• Certified as a NAUI Nitrox Diver or equivalent
• Have a  minimum of 100 logged open water scuba dives with a minimum of 50 hours bottom time


The NAUI Instructor Cross-Over Course aims to familiarize instructors from other organizations with the National Association of Underwater Instructors.  New scuba instructors will learn the proud history of NAUI as an organization, how to use the NAUI Standards & Procedures Manual, become familiarized with NAUI education materials and how to use them; will learn how to give and score classroom, confined water, and open water presentations, and how to professionally prepare for classes.    


Cross-Over instructors will prepare minimum of six graded classroom teaching presentations.  With instructor coaching, they will learn how to present and grade these presentations so as to become effective and professional instructors.  The following is the list of required presentations: 

(1) At least one presentation related to an Advanced Scuba Diver or Master Scuba Diver course topic based on the application of gas laws
(2) At least one shall relate to a Nitrox Diver course topic
(3) At least one shall relate to a Rescue Scuba Diver course topic
(4) At least one shall relate to a NAUI Leadership or Instructor course topic
(5) At least one shall be related to NAUI introduction or orientation

(6) at least one of the following five entry-level course topics:

(a) Equipment
(b) Diving Physics
(c)Diving Physiology
(d) Dive Tables
(e) Diving Environments


Cross-Over Instructors are required to present a  minimum of four graded confined water teaching presentations in which a minimum of two confined water briefings:
• At least two confined water briefings.
• At least one snorkeling (skin diving) skill
• At least two scuba diving skills
• One scuba rescue skill presentation


Cross-Over Instructors are required to present a minimum of four graded training presentations including one dive briefing and debriefing:
• One open water dive briefing
• One open water dive debriefing, and
• At least two in-water teaching presentations


The NAUI Instructor Crossover Candidate Packet is $695.99 and includes

• Instructor Crossover e-Learning code

• Instructor certificate (#44501) and certification

• Leadership and Instruction textbook (#12900)

• Standards and Policies manual on an iCard (#20000S&P)

• NAUI RGBM and Standard Air Dive Tables (#35511, #30033)

• All Scuba Diving Course – Instructor Guides

• Nitrox Diver Instructor Guide, and a

• Master Scuba Diver textbook (#12000)

• Candidates shall furnish and be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own diving equipment. The Instructor Trainer shall initially assist candidates in checking all their gear to ensure it is adequate and in proper working order.


The minimum number of days is two; however four days over two weekends is the norm.  


• Completion of Required Training Materials
• Completion of Required Examinations. These examinations are administered closed book and must be proctored by a Course Director. The exams are:
(a) Equipment
(b) Diving Physics
(c) Diving Physiology
(d) Decompression Theory (to include RGBM)
(e) Decompression table principals and use
(f) Diving Environments
(g) First Aid / CPR / O2 Provider
(h) Dive Rescue
(i) Nitrox
(j) Dive Skills & Practices


Materials – $695.99

Tuition – $1,499.99

Total – $ 2,195.98


Certified NAUI Instructor Cross-over graduates are qualified to apply for NAUI Instructor membership in any status provided for in the bylaws of the association. An active-status NAUI Instructor may independently teach NAUI sanctioned courses and authorize NAUI certification for class graduates. An active-status NAUI Instructor may independently conduct NAUI recognition and experience programs and authorize formal recognition for graduates.


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