Advanced Scuba Diver



Are you interested in doing a deep dive down to 120 feet onto a wreck?  Or perhaps you’d like to try Nitrox for the first time, or search and recover a lost item, or learn how to correctly navigate from one point to the other underwater? There are many things you will learn in the Advanced Open Water course.  To successfully complete the course, you will be required to do at least one deep dive, a navigation dive, and you may even be required to do one night-dive (depending on which academic route you choose), and the fun part is you will also have the option of choosing three adventures that most interest you. 


The Advanced Open Water Diver course is not only about diving adventures, it is about making certified scuba divers more confident, knowledgeable, and proficient divers. Through knowledge reviews, quizzes, and possibly a final exam (done via online or textbook), students develop a greater understanding of the principles related to the topics of the required dives (Deep and Navigation) as well as through the three to four elective adventure dives needed to complete the course.   The elective dives available to students at this time are

• Shore Diving

• Boat Diving

• Dry Suit Diving

• Emergency Oxygen Administration

• Review of Open Water Scuba Diver Skills — includes the “ditch and dawn”

• Review of Open Water Skin Diver Skills

• Review of Open Water Rescue Diver Skills

• Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Diving

• Night Diving

• Peak Performance Buoyancy

• Search and Recovery

• Underwater Naturalist

• Fish Identification 

• Wreck Diving


• Fill out and submit a training application, Medical Questionnaire, Assumption of Risk and Liability, and Rental Agreement forms

• Be certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver

• Be 15 years old for an adult certification, or 12 years old for a Junior Advanced Open Water certification


Depending on your learning style, you may prefer to complete the academic portion of this course by reading a hard-copy-textbook or you may prefer the convenience of completing the acadmics of this course via e-Learning online.  Whichever your preference, we got you covered.   

Textbook Options

• The PADI Advanced Open Water Crew-PAK

• The NAUI Advanced Open Water Education System

e-learning Options

e-Learning is a great way to complete the academic portion of this course prior to coming to Hawaii. Upon paying for the Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver course, you will receive an invitation to start doing your e-Learning.  All of the academic readings, quizzes, and final exam are included with e-Learning.  Either of the below options will fulfill the academic portion of the course:

• PADI e-Learning

• NAUI e-Learning 

Scuba Equipment

The Oceanus Diving Center is happy to include scuba rental gear in with the cost of this course making diving more convenient and affordable to the public.  For non-students i.e. certified divers wishing to go diving and who are not taking a class with us, a  full set of rental gear will cost you $50.00 per day.  Students of Oceanus Diving Center will need to fill out a rental form, provide a valid credit card, and a copy of a valid I.D. upon taking this course. 


The deep dive and navigation dives as well as any elective dives you chose in order to complete your Advanced Open Water certification may be used as credit for one dive toward corresponding Specialty course certifications like Underwater Navigator, Deep Diver, etc. 


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