Boat Charters



Visiting Oahu and want to have the dives of your life? We have just the solution.  Try one of our exciting Guided Boat Dives!  Book a guided tour dive with us, and we’ll supply the rental gear, boat seat, and Divemaster/ tour guide.   A few of your options include: 

HONOLULU CHARTERS $140.00 per person

11:30 AM TO 2:00 PM / Turtle Reef

The first dive is at Turtle Reef where you will be introduced to the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. This reef is teaming with all of the local Hawaiian fish, and it is not uncommon for divers to see White Tipped Reef Sharks hanging around under the reef ledges.  The second dive is usually done at Horse Shoe Reef or its adjacent artificial and mysterious reef– the Kewalo Pipeline. During this dive you’re most likely to be taken down and shown the end of the Kewalo Pipeline where schools of fish tend to conglomerate and linger.  


 8:00 AM TO 11:00 AM / The Sea Tiger Shipwreck

Tired of diving the same reefs? Perhaps a shipwreck is more down your anchor line?  Dive with us down to 100′ onto the mysterious Sea Tiger shipwreck or down to 90′ onto the YO257 and San Pedro shipwrecks on your first dive.  Then do one more dive with us at the Horse Shoe Reef and Kewalo Pipeline.  Which ever wreck we dive with you, we will be sure to take you through parts of the boats so that you will have great stories to tell and good memories of your dives with us.    

WAIANAE CHARTER $155.00 Per Person


If you are interested in doing some rare dives, we’d be happy to take you diving on the Westside of the island where you can dive the Mahi Shipwreck and the Makaha Caverns.  The Mahi shipwreck was a mine layer that was sunk in 1986 for the sport of scuba diving.  The main deck rests at about 67′ whereas the bottom of the ship rest at about 99′.  The water here is beautiful.  And many a dives we see flocks of manta rays and dolphins swimming by.  The Makaha caverns are mostly noted for the swarms of white-tip reef-sharks that lie resting inside.  If you have the courage, we will take you through the caverns and through the sharks’s nest.  The drive to Waianae Small Boat Harbor takes about 45 minutes from Waikiki. But the experience is worth it.    


Divers wanted to make a reservation for a specific boat charter, please call the store.  You can also send us email or click on the BOOK NOW button up above.  For reservations, all divers must  

(1) submit a Diving Excursion Application form

(2) be at least 12 years of age – requires a parent’s signature and legal guardian chaperone

(3) fill out and submit (a) a Medical Questionnaire, (b) an Assumption of Liability Release form, and (c) a Rental Gear Agreement form


• Dive on Nitrox for just $15.00 extra for each tank. No certification is necessary.  Afterwards if you’d like to become a certified Nitrox diver, let us know.  All you have to do is pay the difference of $160.00, complete the e-Learning–and voila–you will be a certified Nitrox diver! 

• Renting a camera for just $15 a day

• Taking a PADI Dive Specialty course like Peak Performance Buoyancy or Underwater Navigation.


Just relax! Your Dive Master or Scuba Instructor will break down your gear and load it up for you.  If you’d like to log your dive with us as proof of having dove in Hawaii, be sure to come back to the store so that we can put our fancy Oceanus Divers store-stamp in your logbook. 


If you are thinking about taking another scuba diving class to improve your expertise, we have many to choose from. Check out our scuba diving course or our specialty courses or our professional certification courses to learn more about what we have to offer the public.