Shore Dives


Shore Dive Tour in Hawaii

Visiting Oahu and want to have the time of your life? we have just the solution.  Try one of our exciting Guided Shore Dives! 

Don’t waste your time swimming around in circles because you are unsure of where to go. Take the the stress out of diving in unknown areas and enjoy a guided dive from shore with one of our professional Dive Masters or Scuba Instructors.  Our dive guides will show you the wonders of Magic Island, the amazing life hidden in the rocky topography of Shark’s Cove or th

e amazing sea turtles and dolphin pods at Electric Beach. Or, if you fancy a wreck dive, check out our Guided Boat Dive’s page.

Call Oceanus Divers today and speak with one of our dive staff to set up your next underwater adventure. Tel. 808.200.4613 or email

How long will it take?

We offer single tank dives and two tank dives. Plan to spend about 2 hours per dive, this includes setting up gear, dive briefings, actually diving, and the gear breakdown.  Shore trips typically are in the mornings at around 8 am to 11 am or afternoons 11 am to 2 pm. However, because we truly value our customers, we usually work around their schedules.   

Tours & Costs

$99 – Single Tank Dive Tour
$119.99 – Two Tank Dive Tour

Other Adventures to consider:

• Rent a camera for just $15 a day

• Take a PADI Dive Specialty such as Peak Performance Buoyancy or Underwater Navigation.


Just relax! Your Dive Master or Scuba Instructor will break down your gear and load it up for you.  If you’d like to log your dive with us as proof of having dove in Hawaii, be sure to come back to the store so that we can put our fancy Oceanus Divers store-stamp in your logbook. 


If you are thinking about taking another scuba diving course to improve your expertise, we have many to choose from. Check out our scuba diving courses or our specialty courses or our professional certification courses to learn more about the kool options available to you at Oceanus Divers.