Scuba Refresher


It’s now or never! So it’s been awhile since the last time you dove, right? and you don’t quite feel comfortable signing up for your next dive tour.  Don’t let your fear get in the way of diving.  Our Two Tank Refresher course is especially designed for the vacation diver who doesn’t have time to sit through a class or study on their own.  We will help you get back on top of your game by walking you through the basics.  Give us a chance.

Who is the Scuba Refresher Tour for?

▪ certified divers who have not dived in over year

▪ certified divers who were recently certified and yet would like to reinforce what they’ve learned with another Scuba Instructor

How long does it take?

▪ contact our retail store either by phone or in person

Scuba Tours

Two Tank Boat Dives with

▪ PADI Scuba Tune-up Guide Book – $167.90

▪ PADI Re-Activate for iPad Touch or PCs – includes a completion certificate for those who finish the academic portion only, and a PADI replacement card with the date the ReActivate program was completed on if they complete both the academic and water skills with an PADI instructor – $201.00


▪ Rent a camera for just $15 a day

▪ Take a PADI Dive Specialty such as Underwater Navigation or Wreck Diver.


Just relax! Your Dive Master or Scuba Instructor will break down your gear and load it up for you.  If you’d like to log your dive with us as proof of having dove in Hawaii, be sure to come back to the store so that we can put our fancy Oceanus Divers store-stamp inside  your logbook.


If you are thinking about taking another scuba diving course to improve your scuba arsenal, we have many to choose from. Check out our scuba diving courses or our specialty courses or our professional certification courses to learn more about the kool options available to you at Oceanus Divers.