Snorkeling Tour


Family fun for everyone. Wouldn’t you like to see Hawaii’s exotic tropical fish during your vacation? Anybody can buy a snorkeling set, but the likelihood of actually finding an enjoyable spot that offers a multitude of tropical fish can be difficult.  This is why Oceanus Divers offers guided tours of Oahu’s premiere snorkeling locations.  We know where everything is and will introduce to Oahu’s best sites for snorkelling.

Our snorkeling tours are designed for the public’s safe  enjoyment of Hawaii.   Before entering the water you may watch a 20 minute video and will receive a short briefing. Your guide will provide you with a description of the area and some safety tips; will show you how to properly don your mask, snorkel and fins; will also tacitly explain some skin diving and snorkeling techniques so that you and your friends and family will  enjoy your snorkeling to its fullest.

Orientation Session

Whenever possible an Orientation Session will be provided to our customers at our local store facility prior to the snorkelling Tour.  Parents of participating children are required to watch the “Responsibility and Risk” video.  All participants must watch this video prior to the snorkeling activity.

Oceanus Divers offers several aquatic activities to the public.  The minimum class size in order to conduct the snorking tour  is 2 participants, while the maximum class size is 12 participants. Each class is taught by a certified and insured Scuba or Skin Diving Instructor in which we also provide one to two Certified and Insured Dive Masters to assist with ocean sessions.


Excluding travel times, a typical snorkelling session lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes.  The snorkel tour, however, includes two snorkelling sessions for a total of two and one half hours or more. 


To participate in the Snorkeling Tour, participants must

1. Be 8 years or older.

2. Review, complete and sign our store’s affirmation of risk and medical history screen before entering the water

3. Parent or guardian signature is required for youth divers younger than legal age

4. If the new diver answers “yes” to any of the health conditions noted on the form’s medical history section, the diver must receive medical approval prior to any in-water activities

Oceanus Divers Responsibilities:

1 . In conducting the orientation and snorkelling sessions, Oceanus Divers will provide all required snorkel equipment (Buoyancy Compensator Devices (BCDs), Masks, Snorkels, Fins and Boots

2. Oceanus Divers will transport all required equipment to

To participate in the Try Scuba diving / Discover Scuba Diving program, participants must

Participant Responsibilities:

In order to participate in the Snorkeling Tour, participants need only to complete the administrative paperwork, provide a bathing suit, towel, and willingness to learn and have fun. 


Snorkeling Tour –  $59.99


 Just relax! Your Instructor will collect all of the gear and load it up for you after you are done snorkelling.  If you are curious and want to learn more about snorkelling and the ocean, you may want to consider taking one of our Skin Diver or Freedivng Courses.  


If you are thinking about taking a skin, freediving, or scuba diving course to improve your expertise, we have many courses choose from. Check out our scuba diving courses or our specialty courses or our professional certification courses to learn more about the kool options available to you at Oceanus Divers.