Try Scuba Diving

Couple on one of our scuba diving tours in Honolulu, HI




The Try Scuba Diving activity is designed to introduce and encourage people who have no experience with scuba diving to learn more about our oceans, marine habitats, marine animals, and our human connection with the sea.  What could be more exciting than scuba diving with green sea turtles or trumpet fish in Hawaii? Imagine clear blue water, Moray Eels, Moorish Idols, schools of Convict Tangs, Bluefin Trevallies, and reef sharks. These are a few of the awe-inspiring aquatic animals you may see for the first time during your visit in the sea.

This excursion is conducted in a highly controlled environment under the direct supervision and guidance of a scuba diving professional, and our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and memorable activity for all its participants. Prior to diving, students learn a few of the basic safety rules and scuba techniques for scuba diving.   they get to wear and use scuba equipment and swim around underwater with their instructor to look at fish and Hawaii’s famous Green Sea Turtles.  

The Try Scuba Diving excursion is perfect for vacationers who are short on time since no prior training is needed, allowing for pure fun and excitement without the rigors of having to take a three day long scuba diving course.   


To sign up for the Try Scuba Diving experience, participants need to at least 12 years old and submit the following:

(1) All required forms. Participants must fill out and submit a training application, Medical Questionnaire, Assumption of Risk and Liability, and Rental Agreement form.  Students needing a physical evaluation will need to provide proof of a medical doctor’s approval. 

(2) Identification.  We need either a passport or U.S. identification copy.

(3) Activity fee. Full payment for the Try Scuba Diving tour activity is required prior to participation. 


Whenever possible, the orientation Session will be held at our Honolulu store facility prior to the Try Scuba Diving session. Parents of participating children are required to watch the “Children and Scuba” video. The parents of children, children as well as adults who will participate in the Try Scuba Diving tour must watch the Discover Scuba Diving video.


(1) Participants who are not able to attend the orientation session will meet with our scuba instructor at least 45 minutes prior to scuba diving to complete the administrative requirements.

(2) The Scuba Instructor(s) will assemble and arrange scuba equipment at the pool, boat, or the shore side for participants.

(3) Next, the Instructor(s) will provide an overview of the diving activity.

* Dive briefing: Your instructor(s) will introduce and explain the use of a mask, fins, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulator and pressure gauge. He or she will also review any other equipment participants will wear – exposure protection, weight system, alternate air source, etc. if necessary.

(5) Prior to entering the water, the scuba instructor will review breathing rules and equalization techniques, as well as regulator and mask clearing. The Instructor will also provide an overview of essential safety information and basic scuba skills

(6) Entering the water: Oceanus Divers’ Instructor and/or Dive Master will assist participants in putting on and adjusting their scuba equipment

(7) Oceanus Divers’ Instructor will directly supervise participants as they breathe underwater and swim around. When comfortable, Oceanus Divers’ Instructor and/or Dive Master will take the participants on tours in deeper water as appropriate


We provide competitive rates and will beat any other store Oahu’s prices. Give us a call for rates.

(A) One Shore Dive – $ 99.00

(B) Two Shore Dives – $120.00

(C) Two Boat Trip Dives – $149.99

***Two boat trip dives with practice in confined water prior to the trip – $175.00***

** Boat Passengers or snorkelers – $75.00 / August Special!**


Your Dive Master or Scuba Instructor will break down your gear and give you a debriefing after each dive.  If you’d like to log your dive with us as proof of having dove in Hawaii when your done, you are more than welcome to come back to the shop with your instructor to get signed off and to receive our fancy Oceanus Divers store-stamp in your logbook. 


If you are thinking about taking another scuba diving course to improve your expertise, we have many to choose from. Check out our scuba diving courses or our specialty courses or our professional certification courses to learn more about the kool options available to you at Oceanus Divers.